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$395 CI® Certified Blower Door Technician (BDT)


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Mandatory Blower Door Testing is required by Florida’s new 5th edition Energy Code beginning JULY 1, 2017!! Building Officials will require written certification for each new home quantifying the homes’ air changes per hour. The Contractors Institute has created a state-of-the-art training and certification for blower door technicians all for one low tuition price!

Our concise 4 hour Blower Door Training Certification course will teach LICENSED MECHANICAL AND AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS AND THEIR EMPLOYEES what you need to know to perform the new code required blower door testing for our Florida specific environment. This course is for individuals who already HAVE HANDS-ON FIELD EXPERIENCE with related air balancing and testing equipment. Blower door and duct testing will be taught, demonstrated, and performed using acclaimed Retrotec© Blower door equipment and gauges along with calculations, protocols and written examples explaining how to determine the number of air changes per hour. By successfully completing the course, you will earn a CI® Certified Blower Door Technician Certification.

The course will explain the applicable code requirements, the procedure for set-up and performing blower door tests AND duct pressurization tests, and will explain how to analyze measurement readings to determine compliance.  Clarification on misconceptions of whole house mechanical ventilation will be discussed. Instruction on the preparation and submission of test results to the building department along with diagnostic tools such as infrared cameras and smoke generation will also be discussed.

Training sessions are offered either at 8:00 a.m. for the morning course, or 1:00 p.m. for the afternoon course. The complete cost is $495 and INCLUDES the CI® Certified Hands-on Blower Door Technician Field Proctoring and Certification.

For Class Dates, please call our office and we will find a schedule that fits your needs.

Note: this is NOT the “BPI IDL” certification. 

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