CI-Certified OSHA Forklift & Aerial Platform Training


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Course Overview

The CI® Certified OSHA Forklift & Aerial Platform Training program covers both Forklifts and Aerial Work
Platforms (AWP) and is geared towards the construction professional and their needs. OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck (forklift) Standard 29 CFR 1910.178 requires forklift training for anyone who operates a powered industrial truck, including a lift truck. Because worksite safety is so important, participants will learn Forklift and AWP operating principles, safety rules, regulations, materials handling, and maintenance.

Course Topics Include

Equipment Operating instructions, warnings, and precautions
Differences between the truck and the automobile
Engine or motor operation
Recognizing and Avoiding Unsafe Conditions
Steering and Maneuvering
Vehicle Capacity & Stability
Surface Conditions
Load Manipulation, Stacking, and Unstacking
Composition of Loads to be Carried & Load Stability
Hazards Associated with Aerial Lifts
Pre-start Inspection
AWP Lift Components
Electrical, Fall, and Falling Object Hazards


DPLS-2Upon completion of the 4-hour CI® Certified OSHA Forklift & Aerial Platform Training course, those attending will know and understand how to safely operate a Forklift or Aerial Platform at the worksite. Students will have passed a written exam & practical hands-on Forklift & Aerial Platform competency evaluation and received Qualified Aerial Platform certification, Qualified Forklift certification, and a wallet card for each.

CI® Certified OSHA Signal person & Rigger Training and CI® Certified 10-Hour OSHA Outreach Safety Training courses are also available.


Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. unless noted otherwise below. There will be a morning break, lunch break, and afternoon break. You will be required to pass an exam at the end of the day in order to be certified.

Course Cost

A personalized quote will be arranged depending on location, size of group and number of certifications desired. We provide the instructor and materials that are needed for the class.  Click on “Request Private Class Now” and someone will call you about the details!

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