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CI Certified FBC Residential Wind Design Technician

$495 CI® Certified FBC Residential Wind Design Technician

*$295 for Re-Certification (Yes you need all three days)
Designing to Comply With Wind Resistance Provisions for One and Two Family Dwellings
Florida Construction CILB: #0008024, #0611418, #0010203, #0010017 - 17 Hrs. (11 General, 1 Advanced, 1 Wind Mitigation, 1 CILB Laws/Rules, 1 Workers Comp, 1 Safety, 1 Bus)
Florida Electrical ECLB: #0007082, #0801538 #0801448- 16 Hrs. (11 Technical, 1 Workers Comp, 1 Safety, 1 Business, and 1 Advanced, 1 Laws/Rules) 
Florida Engineers:- Provider #0003564 -#0009964 -14 PDH, #0007104-1 PDH15 hrs. Area of Practice
Florida BCAI: 17 General Hours 
Florida Home Inspectors: 1 General Hour; 2 Hurricane MitigationOther boards call for information. 

Course Overview:
Updated for compliance with the 2014 Florida Codes and methodologies, successful completion of this course allows Division I Contractors (General, Building and Residential) to certify plans for permitting. Contractors will gain an understanding of the newly revised wind speed maps and requirements for structural components and cladding as defined by the new 2014 Florida Building Code and the standard ICC 600 - Standard for Residential Construction in High-Wind Regions and other approved alternate methodologies included in the Code. This course will teach you to calculate wind load design pressures for residential structures, components and claddings when using alternate methodologies. Bring your calculator -- reference materials will be available for class reference or you may purchase references from the bookstore.CI® Certification:In order to obtain the CI® Certification designation of CI®-RWT, candidates must successfully pass a proctored competency exam requiring a minimum score of 75%. The exam is given on Day 3 of the course, by the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals.Upon completion of the CI® Certified FBC Residential Wind Design Technician course and successful completion of the CI® Certified FBC Residential Wind Design Technician End of Course Exam, candidates will receive membership into the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals.

Current holders of the CI Certified Residential Windload Technician Certificates need to be RE-CERTIFIED by attending this 3-day course. We have reduced the tuition to $295 for you. The new 2014 Florida Code and updated reference standards include new wind speed maps and the ICC 600 (replaces the SSTD 10-99). These changes directly affect the process for calculating wind load design pressures for residential structures, components and claddings when using alternate methodologies, so we are requiring certificate holders to update their wind load training.

Day 1 (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)

  • Introduction to wind load design requirements & code updates
  • Review of calculations for components and claddings including review of wind speed maps, understanding ultimate wind speed with cross reference to nominal maps
  • Significant Building Code changes
  • Review of risk and exposure type categories including changes to the ASCE 7-10
Day 2 (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)
  • Detailed residential blueprint plan review including specific components and cladding calculations
  • Exercises using alternate methodologies to design for structural wind loads of residential masonry buildings
Day 3 (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)
  • Calculation and design exercises continue including wood frame buildings
  • Question and Answer Session
  • ACICP Examination for Certification (or Re-Certification)

Course Cost:
The Fee for this Course is $495, which includes: 3 days of classroom instruction with the CI® Certified Instruction staff (classroom instruction also counts for your Continuing Education credits for the upcoming renewal cycle-see above approval information), your CI® Certified Residential Wind Design Technician Reference Manual, your CI® Certified RWT Examination, 2 Year Membership into the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals and Lunch for all three days. If you have already completed this course, but wish to retake all three days the discounted price for the three days is $295.

Seminar Dates:

Specialty classes are held based on numbers of enrolled particpants 3 business days prior to the date of the course. If the minimum number of students has not enrolled by that time, class will be cancelled and students who have enrolled will be asked to attend a following class......SO REGISTER EARLY!

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