BPI Building Analyst/Building Envelope Professional Combination Certification and Training Program
Class goes from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and lunch is included!

This course will prepare students to pass the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Written and Field Exams as well as the Building Envelope Professional Written & Field Exams. Students will learn to conduct professional and accurate building analysis, provide information, reports and documentation of findings, and make appropriate recommendations for weatherization and energy improvements including potential financial benefits and payback on investments related to energy efficiency. This course includes an important focus on safety equipment and procedures as they apply to residential energy. After completing this forty (40) hour course and passing your exam, you will:

  • Know more about space and water heating systems in buildings
  • Be a member of an in-demand group of workers
  • Know more about combustion Appliance Zones
  • Be part of a nationally recognized group of construction professionals
  • Be authorized to conduct CAZ test, flue gas analysis and other tests

Our highly qualified instructor will guide you through BPI requirements and prepare you for both your written and field exams with real world examples and tests to help you take that next important step in your career. For more information regarding this course, call our courteous and helpful staff at 1-877-LICENSE (542-3673).

Please note: This is a comprehensive six (6) day course with hands on field training components, as well as traditional classroom instruction with classes running from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day of class. Lunch, coffee, beverages, and snacks are included in course fees! Online Training material is included for each student enrolling in Building Analyst / Envelope Professional Combo Course. Reviewing this material prior to class is strongly suggested to provide a basic understanding of building science principles and provide an overview of the Certification information and testing requirements.

The final 2 days of class are reserved for field training, online written exams, and proctoring of hands on field exams. Exam slots are available on a first – come, first-serve availability as there are limited spaces available – please ask about scheduling of these exams when enrolling. All examination and proctoring fees are included in the course tuition of $1895.00.

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