EPA RRP Lead Renovator Technician (Renovation, Repair & Painting)

CI® Certified/EPA RRP Lead Renovator
“Renovation, Repair & Painting”

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Continuing Education Credits:
Florida Construction CILB: Course #0608260
8 hours (6 general, 1 business, 1 safety )

Florida Electrical ECLB: Course #0800309
8 hours (6 general, 1 business, 1 safety)

Florida CAM:Course #9625927
8 hours (4 operations and 4 elective)

Florida Board of Engineers: #0003130
8 hours (area of practice)

Florida BCAI (Inspectors/Bldg Officials): reciprocates with CILB
8 hours general

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Course Overview:

EPA’s “Renovation, Repair and Painting” (RRP) rule is now effective for all of Florida. Any contractor, firm, or person working on, or renovating any, “Target Housing” (generally, target housing is any residential home or child care facility built before 1978) where more than 6 square feet of interiorwall or more than 20 square feet of exterior wall is to be disturbed, repaired, altered or replaced – MUST BE CERTIFIED. Windows and doors however are subject to the lead RRP rules regardless of their size. Both the contracting firm and individual person MUST BE CERTIFIED by the EPA in accordance with the lead renovation and remodeling program.

Almost all contracting trades and their employees will be affected by this rule — plumbers, electricians, painters, contractors, remodelers, cabinet installers, etc. Remember, the rule covers ANYONE – not just licensed contractors. Maintenance personnel, managers, etc. all must follow the new regulations. So contractors should plan to have their key superintendents certified.

The new RRP provision does NOT require complete removal of the lead (abatement); rather it requires a SPECIALIZED, ONE-DAY TRAINING program that teaches the dangers of lead dust, strict dust prevention and work control measures necessary to contain dust, and testing / clean-up verification procedures. It also prohibits certain work practices that produce quantities of dust. Training and certification MUST be obtained from an EPA-approved training provider.

The EPA is serious about this rule. Fines are $37,500 for each violation with an additional $37,500 per violation, or imprisonment, or both for willfully or knowingly violating the law.

EPA Certification:
The Contractors Institute is a fully accredited EPA training provider for the RRP Program.See above for accreditation numbers including hands-on skills activities and certification exam.


Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. unless noted otherwise below. There will be a morning break, lunch break, and afternoon break. You will be required to pass an exam at the end of the day in order to be certified.

Course Cost:

The Fee for this Course is $295. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AND PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Because of strict class-size requirements, we recommend you register as soon as you can! If a class fills up, we will contact you about available dates.

Seminar Dates:

Specialty classes are held based on numbers of enrolled participants 7 business days prior to the date of the course. If the minimum number of students has not enrolled by that time, class will be cancelled and students who have enrolled will be asked to attend a following class……SO REGISTER EARLY!

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