$1295 SoftPlan Design Technician (SDT)

With Building Information Modeling (BIM), plan sets can now include client info, elapsed time, energy consumption, materials requirements, materials costs, photo-realistic 3D models, load tables, span tables, finish schedules, electrical legends, area and volume calculations, punch list requirements and more, all dynamically linked in a single data set and readily available to any trade or customer within the industry. Change one element of the data set and all related elements respond and change automatically!

Day One:

Learning and applying Windows & SoftPlan File and file management commands. Understanding what SoftPlan is, how it works and applying it to your design business. Presenting the nuts and bolts for successful SoftPlan results.

Day Two:

Using knowledge learned in day one to begin a production sequence.

Day Three:

Using knowledge learned in days one and two to continue the proper start-to-finish production sequence of construction documents and accurate materials takeoff reports.

Day Four: 

Using knowledge learned in days one, two, and three to produce hard copy documents of the typical two story floor plan design using the Production Sequence Outline.

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1-877-LICENSE (542-3673)

Classes are held at our Hudson Facility
8:00 am – 4:00 pm each day – coffee and lunch included.
Call for class information!

Hands-On private instruction is also available!

David Wilson – Instructor Contractors Institute

As a specialist in computer aided drafting software support services and training, David has spent many years working with the building industry integrating this object oriented technology. David has the necessary experience to present the complex subject matter of computer aided design is an understandable and entertaining presentation. You can reach him at

1-877-LICENSE (542-3673)