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CI® Certified Code of Ethics

We the members of the construction industry having achieved the CI® Certification do hereby avow our pledge to practice of our profession professionally and ethically. Protection of the public’s trust, health and property is a solemn responsibility of the highest order. The governing concepts of our creed are embodied below and must be followed by all who have earned and publicize the designation of the CI® Certification.

A CI® Certified professional shall:

  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty and fairness in all construction transactions and to maintain the highest ethical standards when investigating construction defects, reporting findings or performing construction activities.
  • Recognize the continuing need for developing improved construction & safety standards and acknowledge a professional obligation to contribute time and expertise in the development of such improvements.
  • Continually educate themselves by maintaining seven contact hours of continuing education credits related to the certification classification every twelve consecutive months after initial certification issuance.
  • Maintain professional competence in all areas of employment responsibility and encourage the same in associates at all levels.
  • Protect the interests of the public by holding ourselves to a higher standard pursuant to the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals by exceeding industry standards of practice.
  • Suspension of the CI® Certification designation for may occur upon: intentionally violating this credo, being found guilty of crime directly related to the practice of the profession, failing to maintain required continuing education credits and will result in receiving a written directive from the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals to suspend such usage.

You MUST agree to our ‘Code of Ethics’ to be able to enroll in our CI© Certified classes.