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family-home-475879_960_720CI® Certified Home Inspector Pre-licensure Course $995
120-Hour Pre-licensure Course
(INCLUDES Books, Online, Classroom, and Hands-on Training! — does not include exam)


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(For a listing of all Department Approved exams, click HERE)

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Home Inspector CE Course-Day 1:
ICC Preferred Provider CE Course #11355 .90 CEUS

Home Inspector CE Course-Day 2:
ICC Preferred Provider Course #11356 .90 CEUS

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What does it take to get a Home Inspector’s license in the State of Florida?
  • Candidates must demonstrate proof of completion of a Department-approved course of no less than 120 hours that covers the 8 components of a home
  • Candidates must successfully pass a department-approved exam for Home Inspection. (We recommend the ACICP Home & Property Inspector exam . Click HERE for the list of approved exams. Exam fee NOT included in course tuition)
  • Candidates must attest that they have commercial general liability insurance of at least $300,000
  • Candidates must submit fingerprints and have a background check performed (Click HERE for a link to schedule your Fingerprint Appointment. Fee NOT included in course tuition)
  • Candidate must submit a written application and pay required application fee. (Click HERE for a link to the application OR Apply Online HERE! Application Fee NOT included in course tuition)
Where can I take the 120-hour Pre-licensure Course?

The Contractors Institute offers a DBPR-Approved Home Inspectors 120-Hour Pre-licensure Course. The course emphasizes Florida’s unique conditions, codes, techniques, materials and features comprehensive training for Florida home inspectors doing inspections in Florida’s humid climate (not a course designed for other states).

What does the course include and how much does it cost?

Our 120-Hour course covers the 8 components of a home: the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components, exterior components, and site conditions that affect the structure as well as other conditions that impact residential homes in the State of Florida. The course includes ALL TRAINING necessary to complete Florida’s state requirement and pass the state’s approved Home Inspector exam.

$995 tuition includes:
  • ALL required reference materials for online portion of course including:
    • John Traister’s Home Inspection Handbook reference book
    • Norman Becker’s The Complete Book of Home Inspections reference book
    • US Housing and Urban Development’s Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide(available as an E-book)
    • Association of Construction Industry Certified Professional’s Florida Construction Business and Trade Manual (available as an E-book)
    • Florida Association of Building Inspector’s Standards of Practice
    • Russell Burgess’s Real Estate Home Inspection: Mastering the Profession reference book
    • Florida Statutes 468, Part XV – Home Inspectors (available as a PDF)
    • Florida Administrative Code, 61-30 – Home Inspectors (available as a PDF)
  • Interactive online course filled with informative videos and recorded learning modules with licensed instructors to give you general industry knowledge (no, you don’t need additional books that are talked about) !
    • Online quick quizzes to reinforce learning from reference materials!
    • Unlimited Online exams to prepare individuals for the types of questions being asked and simulate the pressure of taking the actual exam. This is a great skill-building tool!
    • Course Completion Exam is open-book and requires successful completion with a 70% in order to receive Course Completion Certificate. Available online, so no need to take it in person!
  • FREE Demo copy of Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software!
  • FREE Inspection Report and Agreement templates, Employee Handbooks, Safety Handbooks, State required forms, and MUCH MORE!!!
  • FREE 2 year membership in the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals, a Florida organization of construction professionals – Click HERE for more information on the benefits of membership!!
  • 1 YEAR access into the Online Course, and the freedom to take the classroom training at your convenience! (If you need to extend the course for an additional 6 months, you may do so for a $395 “retake” fee.)WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE ONLINE COURSE, ATTEND OUR 2-day LIVE/WEBINAR training  in Hudson, Florida including:
    • 1 day Classroom training reviewing exam procedures, testing providers, inspection tools, methods, Laws & Rules governing Florida Home Inspectors, and review of reporting requirements, inspection agreements and forms.
    • 1 day Hands-on walkthrough doing an actual inspection on our On-site “Tiny House” and Hands-on Bring-Your-Own-Device Computer training completing a report with inspection software. Including Exam Cram with discussion of code requirements, inspection methods, and inspector standards of practice.

    (link coming soon with 2019 dates)

  • How does your course schedule and the State’s application process work?
  • Enroll in CI Certified Home Inspector Pre-licensure course.
  • Receive all course materials and access information for Online course.
  • Begin studying reference books, working through online course content, and watching videos and learning modules. You don’t schedule your live classroom/webinar training until after you have completed the online/ home study course material.
  • Schedule your Classroom Training date – You will be doing an actual field inspection in class so having the book knowledge beforehand will assist you in the inspection! To schedule, see “REGISTER for WEBINAR” from within your student locker online
  • Take your Course Completion Exam and PASS with a 70% .
  • After completing the entire course, you will receive an official Completion Certificate to furnish the state with you application to get a home inspector license.

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