Building Contaminant Technician (Mold Remediator)

Course Overview

mold-4348687Our CI® Building Contaminant Technician program was developed to provide advanced training to understand not just the “cause and effects” of building contaminants, but the knowledge and skills to competently inspect and identify air pollutants, bacteria and mold contamination. Originally, this course was to instruct students in order to ‘grandfather’ into the state mold licenses without testing. That opportunity has now closed – you must meet state eligibility requirements and take a state exam to get the Mold Remediator license now. Click here for information about the licenses.

For more information about the exam application, click here.

Course Topics

  • Defining and understanding mold existence and growth, types and exposure dangers of mold; flood related mold issues; construction and design deficiencies that lead to mold presence; discussion of scope of work and other licensing qualifications, liability, and responsibilities.
  • Detailing the organization and procedures to properly inspect, estimate costs, remediate and reconstruct building components affected by air quality contaminants including window and wall flashings, interior finishes, duct systems, air conditioning equipment, exterior claddings, drainplane, building exterior coatings and sealants. Contracts and creating reports will also be reviewed.
  • Review of state laws and federal regulations governing air quality and mold related services, including removal of contaminated materials from the jobsite.