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Home Inspection Contract

Residential Inspector Agreement
word format

Home Inspection Report
Spreadsheet Format (excel)

Four Point Inspection Report
fillable format

Four Point Inspection Report

Four Point Inspection Report
Word Document Format (.doc)

Full Inspection Form
Add and Subtract whatever you need (word format .doc)

HUD Inspection Sample Report
How an HUD report should be filled out

Residential Inspection Manual
Very nice .pdf inspection manual

Wind Mitigation Form
fillable, with photo insertion

Wind Mitigation Form

Example Wind Mitigation Form

Wind Mitigation Checklist
InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Inspection Checklist

Roof Condition Report
fillable (citizens)

Sinkhole Inspection Form
Last 2 pages of Citizens Sinkhole Inspection Form fillable

Protecting Your Files
explanation of how to protect files (in Microsoft Word)

Word Picture Files
for inserting photos into word perfect

Citizens 4 Point Inspection Form
Fillable .pdf

Example 4 Point Inspection Form

Citizens 4 Point Inspection Requirement

Crack Comparator
go to this website and request your crack comparator

An Inch Explained…
Information on Ruler Measurement

DPBR Complaint Form
Unlicensed Activity or a License Holder working beyond their scope

If you have other forms feel free to send them to Rich

**The app for Ipad is PDF Expert $9.99 App**

Question: Do you recommend a Home Inspection Software?
Answer: Yes, Palm Tech

Click here if you are looking for continuing education credits for your Florida State Home Inspector’s license (“HI”)
Note: ANY course approved by the CILB (Construction Board) will transfer as “general” hour credit for the “HI” license.

If you are a Division I contractor (General, Builder or Residential) you would have been allowed to “grandfather” in to get your Home Inspector License until July 1, 2012. That time has now passed, so please the links above that will describe the process required to get your Home Inspector license now.

** Questions? Call us at 1-877-LICENSE (542-3673) **